Chapter OneEdit

"Spriteegee, where the heck are you?!" Weegee yelled.

They were in an apartment in downtown New York. Weegee was yelling for his sprite clone, Spriteegee. Deegee, Weegee's long-lost brother, was searching the trash can. Sprideegee, Deegee's sprite clone, was looking in the toilet.

Suddenly, Spriteegee popped out of a pipe. "Miss me?" he asked.

"Not really," Deegee answered, putting the trash can right side up again.

"Where were you?!" Weegee yelled at Spriteegee from across the room.

"Jeez. No need to wake up the neighbors," Spriteegee said back.

Deegee spoke up. "Say, where's Sprideegee?"

Sprideegee was stuck in the toilet headfirst. They quickly pulled his sputtering carcass out again.

Weegee was angry. "You idiot! Why didn't you stop looking when Spriteegee appeared? You could have drowned!"

Sprideegee had an answer. "I wasn't looking for Spriteegee. I was looking for my ball. It fell down the toilet."

Weegee sighed. "Great. Now we need to call a plumber."

Chapter TwoEdit

"What do you mean, it'll cost two hundred dollars to get the toilet fixed?!" Weegee was talking on the phone with Mario Bros. Plumbing, the fifth plumbing service Weegee had called. It was the cheapest one so far, but it still cost a lot.

"Which word don't you understand?" The poor guy sounded like he had been to another dimension and barely escaped with his life.

"I can't believe it costs so much," Weegee replied. "Oh well. I'll call you when I work up the money."

Weegee put down the phone, defeated. He had to work up the money somehow. He'd just have to figure out how.

The obvious first choice was to see if they had the money. "Hey guys, how much money do we have?"

"In all? Twenty dollars," came the reply.

Weegee frowned. Great. Only $180 and they'd have enough to call a plumbing service.

It looked like they'd have to work up the money some other way.

Chapter ThreeEdit

"I know!" Deegee exclaimed. "We could start a lemonade stand!"

"Deegee, you idiot. It's the middle of September." Weegee shot back. "Besides, lemonade stands are overrated. We need something original."

"We could start a lemonade stand at the market."

"That's brilliant! Deegee, you're a genius!"

Chapter FourEdit

The group set up their stand in the middle of the market, after a heated argument with the manager. Sprideegee started making the lemonade, while Spriteegee took the orders (and the money). Weegee and Deegee advertised.

The operation was going pretty smoothly. Someone would see the two brothers advertising, go to the stand, order lemonade, pay, Sprideegee would pour it and give it to Spriteegee, who would give the person the lemonade and their change. At the end of the day, they had over fifty dollars.

This continued for four days, and at the end, they had $224.

Chapter FiveEdit

After the plumber had left, Sprideegee cleaned his ball and put it in his gym bag to play with later.

Then Spriteegee called out "Hey guys! Guess what? It turns out we had a plunger the whole time!"

Ironically, all Weegee could do was stare. "You mean, we had a... we could have... we didn't have to..."

And with that, he fainted.

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