Screenshot from episode two.

The second episode of Weegeepocalypse was "Weegee goes Retro."


Weegee, Deegee, and their sprite clones were hanging around, when all of a sudden, Weegee was sucked up by a portal, then spit back out as an 8-bit sprite. Weegee and Deegee were intent on finding a cure, but Spriteegee and Sprideegee liked Weegee the way he was. They kept preventing a cure from being found, but when Deegee finally threw up his hands and said, "Screw this," Weegee changed back to normal. Apparently, "Screw this," were the magic words to changing Weegee back to normal. However, Spriteegee, in protest, barfed up the frying pan he ate at the end of episode one.

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