A screenshot from Episode One.

The first episode of Weegeepocalypse was "Brother, can you spare a sprite?"


One day, Weegee was walking down the street, when a guy turned a corner and saw him. He looked surprised for a moment, and then shouted, "HEY!" and ran after Weegee. He had a black shirt and hat and red eyes, so naturally Weegee thought he was evil (He actually wasn't, but you don't know that yet). Weegee was just a few feet from his house when he fell into a strange contraption. The guy who was chasing him couldn't stop in time and also fell in. The machine took a sample of their DNA and made clones of them, which looked just like them except for the fact that were sprites. The guy in the black shirt and hat apoligized and told Weegee his name was Deegee, and he was Weegee's long-lost brother. The sprites looked around for a moment, and then Weegee brought Deegee and the sprites (Spriteegee and Sprideegee) into his house. But Spriteegee and Sprideegee got into a lot of trouble, and the episode ended with Spriteegee accidentally eating a frying pan.

Next Episode

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