The box art.

Waleegee's Cheese is the first game in the Waleegee's Cheese series. The object of the game is to get as much cheese as possible in the game while working to defeat the stealer of the cheese, Bouser.


The story begins with Waleegee walking on a path. Suddenly, a giant doomship lifts the castle with all of his cheese up with chains. Waleegee scrambles after it.


Level 1: Get the first cheese from the giant goomba.

Level 2: Get the second cheese from the giant Koopa.

Level 3: Get the third cheese from the two hammer brothers on a leaning tower.

Level 4: Get the fourth cheese from the giant Spinee, but watch the spikes.

Level 5: Get the fifth cheese from the giant possesed egg, which goes back to your house after it is defeated.

Level 6: Get the sixth cheese from the bob-bomb king.

Level 7: Get the seventh cheese from Bouser.

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