The Parachuting Bob-bomb Syndicate, or PBS, is a large division of the Hater Legion. There are 600 large airships

180px-Bob-omb Squad

A squadron of suicide bob-ombs invading a garden as the toad owners look helplessly on.

in this division, each crewed by about 50 bob-ombs and one Lakitu commander. Everybody hates them because they ruin gardens. The supreme commander of this division of the Hater Legion is the Garden Hater. Once the army is over a garden, suicide bob-ombs will parachute down and blow up the garden. The commander of each airship will assist in the destruction.

The Great Flower CleanseEdit

The Syndicate once destroyed a large garden filled with flowers. Most of these were flowers with teeth and chains around them. Unfortunately for the Syndicate, it turned out that the garden belonged to Chuck Norris, and the entire battle fleet attacking that garden was destroyed. Only one Lakitu commander survived, and he didn't speak for two months due to post-Chuck Norris stress. So, yep, there used to be 800 airships. Now there are 600. A valuable lesson was learned by the Syndicate that day: Don't mess with Chuck Norris.

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