SWB222 was one of the many hundreds of Wario games by Nintendork. It is a sequel to Super Wario 64 and a

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Cheese cheese ches cheese.

prequel to Wario Land 3D. The game was cheese, because cheese was cheese at that cheese, and ccccchhhhhheeeeeeeeeeeeeessssssssseeeeeeee.


Cheese cheese cheese, cheese chhhheese chese cheeeese! Cheese cheese che cheese che cheese chese. Cheese cheese, cheese, che cheese cheese cheese cheese. Cheese cheese cheese che chese cheeese, cheese che cheese chese cheeeeesse cheese. Chesesese, cheese cheese chese che cheese cheese. Cheese cheese che chese.


Cheese ches cheeeeessse, chese che cheese, cheese ches chese. Cheese cheese chesese cheeses cheese cheese che cheeeeeeeeessssssee, cheese.

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