Steward Sawfea
Sawfea is a commander of the TWAMplicans, the Weegee of Princess Sofia, the step-sister of Awhmbar, Preenz Jaaimz and Sawfea Der Warhst, the step-daughter of Kehng Rawnawhld II, the sister of Sehra and the daughter of Qawhn Meerawndha, the dictator of Eawchawnceeya and the Disngee Preeawncahz Galaxy and is the leader of the National Königlich Krones which is another organization allied with Weegee's Army. Preeawncahz doesn't wear an Amulet of Avalor and is 8 years old. She also hates recolors. Her known biological father is the Fire Flower Overlord.


During the Extinction of the Fremmlins, Sawfea was given birth to Meerawndha and had pyschopathic signs like Weegee and Malleo. After her biological father known as the Fire Flower Overlord had moved away to the United 'Gees Galaxy, her family became poor, leaving them to move to a alleyway which is near the palace of Kehng Rawnawhld II. When Kehng Rawnawhld II saw how homeless and poor Sawfea and her family been, he adopted and raised them. When she met Awhmbar, she felt jealous and enraged since Sawfea had alot of attention, but she calmed down afterwards. 5 years afterwards, Rawnawhld gave his throne to Sawfea to be ruler of Eawchawnceeya, but she found it hard to be a ruler so her step-sister Awhmbar taught her to be a true ruler of Eawchawnceeya, after a few attempts, she felt like a true ruler and made Awhmbar and Sehra be co-ruler of Eawchawnceeya.


  • Summoning: She has the ability to summon Disngee Preeawncahz Weegees to help her defeat enemies.
  • TAP A TO AMULET: When she says "TAP A TO AMULET", you'll become a pile of amulets.
  • Laser Vision: She can shoot purple lasers from her eyes.

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