Star Weegee II: The Wrath of Beegee.

The sequal to the acclaimed movie Star Weegee, The Wrath of Beegee was an instant hit. It made over $5230013647565813648 in five seconds. The story is this: Beegee, some random evil Beegee, captured two crewmembers of the OWS Reliant, Captain Tereegee and Commander Pavel Chekovee (also a crewmember of the OWS Enterprise). He fed them mind-controlling cheeseburgers, which made them do whatever the hell he wanted. They led him to the Enterprise, where he proceeded to viciously attack them by stealing the Reliant. Admiral Weegee Malleo, Captain Malleo, and the newly rescued Tereegee and Chekovee beamed off Space Station Irregular One onto the planet below, where Beegee proceeded to trap them. For reasons unknown, although probably because Malleo still owed Commander Sulee five dollars, the Enterprise rescued them. They proceeded to blow up most of the Reliant 's defence mechanisms and phaser off its port nacelle. However, Beegee wasn't done yet. He activated the Reliant 's auto-destruct system. The Enterprise couldn't go to warp, so they thought they were doomed. However, Malleo went into the warp chamber, complete with excessive radiation. When Doctor McCeegee tried to stop him, he shot him knocked him out, did a mind-meld with him for reasons explained in Star Weegee III: The Search for Malleo and reactivated the warp drive, but killing himself in the process. The Enterprise warped out of the range of the blast (which took about half a zeptosecond at light speed), but Malleo was dead, and Weegee and the rest of the crew said a tearful goodbye. The Enterprise warped into another adventure and the credits rolled.


Weegee Malleo-WEEGEE!


Sulee-Some random Asian guy

Chekovee-Some random Russian guy

Uhuree-Some random African-American woman

McCeegee-Some random crabby guy

Scotee-Some random Scottish guy

Beegee-Some random Beegee

Scotee's nephew-Another random Scottish guy

And 42 extras

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