The ever-famous Star Weegee: The Director's Edition.

Star Weegee was a multi-centillion-dollar movie that sold over 103265748047 copies in the first three zeptoseconds it was released on video. The plot is this: Captain Weegee Malleo, late 23rd century descendant of the great WEEGEE!, gets to captain a starship for no reason. This starship, the OWS (Obey Weegee Ship) Enterprise, is on a mission of exploration that will benefit all Weegeekind. However, they recieve a distress signal from a Klingee (Pronounced "Kling ee") ship, which is being attacked by an unknown assailant. The Klingee ship dissolves in a burst of blue light. The Enterprise is sent to investigate its dissapearance. However, they encounter a probe that calls itself V-gee, and the entire ship is endangered. A strange being posseses Lt. Ileegee, who proceeds to lead them to V-gee using a path of hexagonal cells from the ship to the probe. They get out of the ship, using the atmosphere V-gee created to breath. Once at V-gee, they discover that the probe is actually the Earth probe Voyagee with about half its name covered in rust. Lt. Ileegee and Commander Deckeegee merged with the probe, which then achieved a higher level of conciousness.

The movie was a good movie. Unfortunately no one cares about it anymore because it was made in 1564. :P


Weegee Malleo-WEEGEE!


Sulee-Some random Asian guy

Chekovee-Some random Russian guy

Uhuree-Some random African-American woman

McCeegee-Some random crabby guy

Scotee-Some random Scottish guy

Ileegee-Some random bald woman

Deckeegee-Some random American guy

And 15 extras

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