Recolor War II is a war that took place in the Heeglee Galaxy; a part of the TWAMverse in which the Heeglee X fought against recolors who were rebellious against TWAM's rule for not allowing recolors in the TWAMverse.

Beginning of the WarEdit

The war started when a group of recolors wanted to take over the TWAMverse and turn people (who were non-recolorized) back into recolors by using a Recolorizing Device. When Pehx witnessed the attack, he teleported to Heegleetewn and saw Twenkul's home and teleported to her fireplace. When Twenkul heard Pehx teleporting to her fireplace, she teleported to the location and told Pehx why he was at her fireplace, he responded that a group of recolors are plotting to take over the TWAMverse and turn the Weegees into recolors. After Twenkul heard the response, she prepared for the war and told her army to destroy and turn the recolors into non-recolors.

People who had fought against recolors (WIP)Edit

  • Twenkul
  • Pehx

People who had fought with recolors (WIP)Edit


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