Mario's Mushroom Misadventures was a TV show that ran almost 200 episodes. Its sequel, Mario's Mangled Mishaps, is currently airing and so far has almost 100 episodes.


Episode 1, in which Peach is shot, Mario eats cheese, and Luigi becomes a loner.

Episode 2, in which Luigi gets phsyciatric help, Wario almost dies, and Waluigi learns to swim.

Episode 3, in which Mario commits suicide, Luigi finds a 1-up and revives Mario, and Waluigi runs for president.

Episode 4, in which Wario has a heart attack, Clonegees surround the area, and Waluigi becomes president of the United States.

Episode 5, in which Peach is brought back to life, Luigi becomes a fugitive, and Mario eats more cheese.

Episode 6, in which Luigi explodes, Mario ressurects Luigi, and Bowser becomes a postal worker.

Episode 7, in which Bowser III is born, Mario eats even more cheese, and Wario turns into a balloon.

Episode 8, in which Peach dies again, Mario jumps in a lake, and Luigi becomes a life guard.

Episode 9, in which Popple makes his mark, Luigi quits his job, and Bowser III turns into an egg as payback from the Yoshis.

Episode 10, in which Yoshi apoligizes, Mario's pizza congeals, and Waluigi passes laws.

Episode 11, in which Waluigi resigns from office, Waluigi makes a very stupid move, and Waluigi screws himself.

Episode 12, in which Mario hires a contracter, Luigi hires private detectives, and we see Wario's personal life.

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