Back CoverEdit

Ever wanted to blow up that random guy whose guts you hate? Now you can! With this guide, you can blow up him and anyone else you utterly despise. Using this handy booklet, you can easily build, steal, borrow, or buy a bomb without knowing how!

Part One: Why Bombs?Edit

Let's face it: We all have some random guy in our neighborhood we dislike. If you're really serious about blowing him up, this is the book for you! In this book, you will find every little piece of information you need to blow up random guys!

Part Two: Building a BombEdit

Building a bomb is fairly simple. In fact, all you need to do is get the materials, assemble them, and light the bomb!


Container with cover


Flammable powder or gasoline


Lighter or match

What to DoEdit

First, poke a hole in the cover with the scissors. Then, put the flammable powder or gasoline in the container. Put the cover on. Now cut the rope so it will reach the powder/gasoline and stick up through the top a little bit. Fit the rope into the hole so that it touches the powder/gasoline. Make sure it is long. Now put it where the object is you wish to blow up. Light the rope with the lighter/match. Run as fast as you can away from your makeshift bomb. Cover your ears.

Part Three: NukegeeEdit

If you do not have access to the materials needed to build a bomb, you can turn to Nukegee. Nukegee has many bombs and is happy to share them with honest terrorists and people who want to blow up someone or something. You are the latter. The author of this book is the former. Nukegee would give both of you a bomb. He will let you choose from a wide array of bombs, such as standard-issue bombs, time bombs, motion sensor bombs, and missiles. Once you have selected a bomb, Nukegee will tell you how to use it. Choose wisely!

Part Four: Borrowing a BombEdit

You should really be on your way to Nukegee's right now. But if he's too far away or you can't afford to travel there, you may want to borrow a bomb. Simply go to someone who has a bomb and, since they won't just give you a bomb, offer to borrow it. If they say yes, take the bomb and use it as desired. If you survive this, you will need to give the person you borrowed the bomb in question from another bomb of the same type. To do this, either build one (see Building a Bomb) or steal one (see Stealing a Bomb).

Part Five: Stealing a BombEdit

If none of the previous solutions worked for you (or only Part Four did), you may need to steal a bomb. Places you can steal a bomb from are:

Area 51 (Not recommended)

Nukegee (Not recommended, besides, you could just ask him for one, he WILL give it to you.)

Bombgee (Not recommended)

The guy you made the deal with in Part Four (If you cannot make a deal)(Recommended)

Now that you have the bomb, use it as desired.

Part Six: Congratulations!Edit

If you are still alive, you should (hopefully) have finally blown up that wierd guy you hate. Happy killing!

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