I write this in the hope that one day people will read it and know what transpired in Nairobi from 1941 to 1955. I have gathered records and details about the War of the Clonegees and turned it into a story told from the perspective of a young Clonegee soldier. This book is as accurate as I can make it. If you like bright, sunny things, go suck a mint and read something else. Otherwise, please remember the war and retain it to the best of your abilities.


It began on a summer day in late 1940, with Marlo sitting on a bench in Nairobi. Just then, another Clonegee, a Beegee to be exact, sat on the bench beside him. Not one to hesitate, Marlo got up, left his newspaper for the Beegee, and started to walk away. But he had accidentally shoved the Beegee in the process.

"WTF!? You must die!" screamed the Beegee. And with that, the war began.


A young soldier. They always think their youth will save them.

How little they know.

But this one was different. He knew the risks. He wasn't a fool.

He went to war hoping that everything would be alright.

I guess they've always got to be ignorant of something.


"Man. That war's brutal," said the Clonegee. His friend, Jim, probably agreed with him, but he didn't say it. Instead, he inquired "Is there anything to eat in this bunk?"

Nobody knew why food randomly appeared at regular intervals in the bunks. It just appeared.

Like the war.

More of this exciting story when I feel like writing! And I will never feel like writing! :P

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